THE FALL OF LAZARUS is a first person exploration science fiction mystery game. It’s like Firewatch (Campo Santo) meets the film Moon (Duncan Jones), basically.


THE FALL OF LAZARUS is a deeply narrative video game. You will have to solve the puzzles and explore in order to advance in the story. The universe and story will unveil branching along the scenery, objects and documents left behind by the people who lived in the Lazarus at some point.

In addition if you search and connect the dots maybe a greater puzzle will be revealed and the darker truth around you will become brighter.


The game takes place aboard the USSC Lazarus (Unified Space Ship Companies), a ship that belongs to KR Corporation (Kross-Rübel), a company dedicated to the interstellar transport of goods and with close ties to the mining industry. The player takes on the role of the protagonist, a veteran of the Venusian wars looking to carve out a new future for herself. She has enlisted to participate in an eight-year mission to work on a mining colony. When she wakes up from hypersleep she finds herself alone on the ship and with no memories.

The player must then explore, investigate and find a way to get off the ship before the situation gets worse. Along the way, the protagonist will experience a series of traumatic events related to her personal life: visions, dreamlike recollections, strange noises and apparitions that mess with her head and make her question what is real and what is not.

Demo: The First Passenger

The Fall of Lazarus demo titled The Fall of Lazarus: The First Passenger is now available and fully playable in the official website of the videogame. It’s a little slice of the full videogame with all the mechanics and the narrative we are working with in the game and best of all: it’s conclusive. It’s the prologue of the story we will tell in The Fall of Lazarus.


  • Immersive storytelling full of mysteries to unveil in a science fiction set up.
  • Uncompressed narrative where there is more than meets the eye and every detail is there for a reason in a multi-level functional script.
  • A bunch of diverse puzzles to solve and discover all secrets and lore of the universe and character of the game.
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4.


The Fall of Lazarus - Launch Day TrailerYouTube

The Fall Of Lazarus Demo: The Fisrt Passenger - Trailer 2.0YouTube


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The Fall of Lazarus Kickstarter campaign
The Fall of Lazarus raised 11195 dollars through Kickstarter
The Fall of Lazarus SquareEnix Collective campaign
The Fall of Lazarus have been selected by Square Enix to be part of their indie video games support program

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