Hello, My Name Is Nobody is a party for the people who doesn’t like parties. A conversational game about those moments when you want to be alone surrounded by people. Doubts, desires and anxieties will flow through an innovative dialog system that features interruptions, changes of mind and more little mechanics, building the main core of the experience: organic and fluid conversations about everything and nothing. Welcome to The Rose of Jericho Lounge Bar, do you wanna talk?


HMNIN began as a little concept after the release of The Fall of Lazarus in october 2017. Born from the roughest moments of game dev loneliness it was an experiment looking for a single innovative and compelling gameplay mechanic that allowed the team to get creative without overscoping the project. Inspired by how theater works where people come and go in a single place and the scenary and actors change during the play the project started with the idea of a conversation with a stranger in a bar and kept evolving from there. Hello, My Name Is Nobody started shaping into a narrative driven experience where dialogs would be the main core f the game and the only way of interaction in the game, allowing the player to focus on the conversation flow.

Video games have been evolving through years. Better graphics, polished gameplay, subtle narratives, engaging game feel… but dialog systems don’t. Hello, My Name Is Nobody is an attempt on innovate in the same way Oxenfree did some time ago. Aiming for an organic flow the game will feature silence as an option, interruptions, changes of mind where an option may variate depending of what are you listening to and more little options. The game will also have a branched dialogue tree that feels natural with loose ends, branches that merge with another ones changing the topic of the conversation and variations for a same phrase in case the conversation gets back to the same point twice.


  • Innovative and organic dialog system with interruptions, changes of mind and more.
  • Customizable character from a variety of masks, jackets and colors.
  • Branching conversations about everything and nothing including silence as an option of dialogue.
  • Multiple endings driven by little choices.
  • Psychedelic and unique setting and graphics that creates a chill and introspective mood for chatting.


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