No Wand Studios is a spanish indie video game development studio based in Zaragoza (Spain) founded by David Bernad and Jonathan Prat in 2014 focused on creating engaging narrative experiences with immersive gameplay mechanics.


The Fall of Lazarus

In February 2016 No Wand Studios start the development of their first PC video game The Fall of Lazarus, a first person exploration and puzle game in a mysterious science fiction set up. Developed with Unreal Engine, the game was released on October 2017.

Hello, My Name Is Nobody

The last stage of the development of The Fall of Lazarus was rough. The first project of the studio took too much time and resources, and they didn’t want to get back to that again, so they started pitching smaller and more experimental projects. While crunching they used to go to a bar to drink something, disconnect from work and step aside of the project for a few moments. And this is how Hello, My Name Is Nobody came to life.

Hello, My Name Is Nobody is the actual project of the studio. A conversational game about those moments when we want to be alone surrounded by people. Set up in a party for the people who doesn’t like parties, the game will feature an innovative and organic dialog system with interruptions, changes of mind and a lot of little details that will let the player feel like they’re having a true conversation.

Set to be released on 2018, Hello, My Name Is Nobody is being developed with Unreal Engine and aiming to PC in the first place. In the future the studio doesn’t give up on trying to get the game to consoles as well.



Hello, My Name Is Nobody - Teaser TrailerYouTube

The Fall of Lazarus - Launch Day TrailerYouTube


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