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Hello! Welcome to No Wand Studios. Probably the best independent videogame development studio of our office. Or so it accredits the best game development group award by Our Mothers Game Awards (OMGA 2014/2015/2016 and 2017).

Here you can check our latest projects out. Established on 2014 we only wanted to make a dent in the world. We are a two-headed studio always looking for something new to calm our curious minds. We are focused on delivering immersive and compelling experiences with interesting narratives with polished entertaining products. And we will keep trying it till we make it ‘cause we always want more. And we will make it as we always do everything: we make it tocho.

Please, come in and take a look. And have a drink, this one is on us.

Our Studio

We devote to video game creation, and we like to say that we make’em tochos. What? Yeah, right. You don’t know the term. Let us explain a little bit. In Spanish “tocho” is a colloquial word that means big in a sense of a good quality kind of way. If something is really good we say its “muy tocho” or “tochísimo” but it doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Just freaking awesome. So when we started working together we used the expression “make it tocho” a lot. “How do you want this thing?” “Make it tocho!” And so on. That was a running gag for sure but also a statement of intent. We keep pushing ourselves because we know we can be better and that’s what we want. We are always curious, always willing to put more effort on it. We love what we do and we want to make it right. And we never stop learning along the way. Make It Tocho started to mean something to us. It became our motto.

We didn’t knew back then but when we started working together we already had this philosophy. We only didn’t baptized it. And that line of thought evolved. We shaped it and we embrace it. And that became TOCHOVISION, our own engine. Now, late 2017, we created our new iteration of the TOCHOVISION engine we’ve been working with since we started this project: TOCHOVISION 2.0. With new office architecture, team structure, visuals and a renewed and improved workflow performance our studio will run smoothly and optimized.


Our Team

David Bernad

CEO/Producer/Technical Director/Programmer

David was who started all of this and its half of No Wand Studios. Technologically and vitally restless he realized he didn’t want to work on the same thing over and over again for the rest of his life. With his programming knowledge and his passion for video games and tried to create something of his own and dragged Johnny along the way. David directs and manages the studio financially and administratively but he also bears with all the technical stuff. From basic programming to infrastructure functioning and workflow management he don’t give up on contribute in the creative side of the development. It’s No Wand Studios’ Mr. Wolf.

He loves (among many other things) The Godfather, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Prisoner of Heaven, Iron Maiden, Final Fantasy VIII and his first console was a Game Boy Pocket.

Johnny Prat

Creative Director/PR/Narrative Designer/Graphic Artist

The other half of No Wand Studios. David saw Johnny drawing during a train trip and he decided to tell him about creating a video game development studio. Back then Johnny was fighting for make a living in the graphic design industry and although he didn’t thought about a future making video games now he woudn’t want to do anything else. Since he was a child he loved drawing and imagining stories and this was his opportunity of doing it professionally. Johnny is in charge of the creative stuff of the studio: script, game design, narrative design and all the artistic and audiovisual tasks his graphic design formation let him take. He is the one responsible marketing and public relationships of the studio too because, let’s face it, he’s always up for social paraphernalia.

He loves (among many other things) The empire strikes back, Ender’s Game, Breaking Bad, Joaquín Sabina, Knights of the Old Republic and his first console was a SNES.


Nuestras madres

"We hope they changed their underwear and they are eating well. It's been a while since the last time we saw them..."

John Locke

"Don't tell me what I can't do."

Hiro Nakamura

"Save the Cheerleader, save the indie scene."

Peter Molinete

"I'm programming a virtual growing tree like the one I promised for Fable. They deserve it."

Phil Pescadete

"I'm the fuckin' master, and they ain't."

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Zaragoza (Spain)

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