According to the legend, when the Gjallarhorn was played, Ragnarök would start. Now it’s that time.

Ragnarök has started and you, Heimdall the Bifröst’s guardian, must protect the bridge against loki’s monster. Run from right to left and smash them with your axe. Ragnarök is unstoppable but how long can you hold it?

Gjallarhorn is our Ludum Dare #34 entry. Themes for this one were: two button controls and growing, and we decided to pick up both of them. We've created an arcade game and we feeled like we've to put a new name for this genre, so we are calling it "back & slash". You control Heimdall with two buttons (Z & M) and the zone that you must defend is growing little by little.

C'mon, norse warrior! Vallhalla awaits! Play Gjallarhorn:

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